How to deal with the climate limitations in your greenhouse.

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Summer heat:
Dealing with climate limitations in your greenhouse
Climate change has an increasing effect on the climate limitations inside the greenhouse. Light, temperature, heat, CO2, and humidity all have their own effect on the production and photosynthesis of your crop. This white paper gives you the insight on how to counter those climate limitations.
The hot summers of recent years are forcing many growers to face the facts. It is necessary to look at light and heat in the greenhouse from a different perspective. An analysis that shows the stress experienced by a crop provides the basis needed for this. From this analysis the right choice from a toolbox of solutions follows.
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Applying a greenhouse coating

ReduSystems® enables growers to make optimal use of sunlight in their greenhouses throughout the year. Our products influence natural light and heat transmission from the sun in every season to optimize the greenhouse climate for the crop – from a cooler climate in summer and more light in winter to diffusing light and influencing the light spectrum. 

As no two situations are the same, ReduSystems prides itself on providing growers anywhere in the world with the solution they need. Discover our products below.  

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